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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Master's Diaries (Part 6)


Alhamdulillah, sholawatuwassalam 'ala Rasulillah wa 'ala alihi washohbihi wasallim....

First of all, thank God, I've submitted my second phase journal to be published! Alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah. So, can I call it off? Yeay, 2nd phase is end! :D Tinggal satu fasa saja lagi. You can do it, yeah!

Telling about this phase, actually, it's not so difficult, I started conduct the analysis on April. About three months, quite a long time, right. It did happened as I was participating several competitions (link). It were times I felt, "oh God, I miss labworks", when I have to do something out of my master study, Finally, it ends! Alhamdulillah.

Telling on the paper, I took more or less three weeks to finish it. Quite slow, actually. Yes, there were times when we seat, and stay focus on the laptop, hoping to write more but don't know how to make at least a sentence. It was a time called "Otak jammed" and most of the times, it felt "oh, malasnya nak tulis!!!!" ^^ Ideas may come anywhere at any time, while taking a bath, while shopping (huh? really??), while chatting, any time :) My sv said, she always got new ideas while praying. It was a time, an idea came into my mind while I was driving, I kept memorize it so that I can write it on the paper. Thinking about this, I praise Allah as He is the one who give the ideas out of our expectation. Like what Zulkarnain said,

"Dinding ini adalah rahmat dari Tuhanku, maka apabila janji Tuhanku sudah datang, Dia akan menghancurluluhkannya; dan janji Tuhanku itu benar," (al-Kahfi: 98)

If we bear this in mind, we'll always realize that all of our kind deeds and intelligence is from Allah. Who wants to be like Qarun, right? Whose said:

  "Sesungguhnya aku diberi (harta itu) semata-mata kerana ilmu yang ada padaku." (al-Qasas: 78)

Naudzubillah min zhalik. I always pray to Allah that my writing benefit others, as it sounds, "Ya Allah, jadikanlah apa yang aku tulis bermanfaat buatku dan orang yang membacanya." And this differentiate us (the Muslims) with the kuffar. They also did good things, deliver good knowledge, but at the end, it is useless as they do not have the true faith. 

That's all for today, thank you! (Mhehehehe)


Ilmu suluh kehidupan (Lagu sekolah rendah saya) :D


  1. when your entry in Engliah, this anak dara from unisza strive for end her reading. it is inspiring me dear!

  2. "Strive to end her reading" is better :)

    Thanks dear, and you inspire me more with your Basikal Karat. Congratulations! Another step closer ;)
    Sesungguhnya menulis jurnal tak sama dengan menulis novel :D